Maintaining a Good Posture As a Cure for Sciatica

Sciatica pain occurs when there is a combination of inflammation and pressure on the nerve root. There are several treatments that may be considered for curing sciatica. Some methods are invasive and these sciatica cures are advisable only for serious cases. Conditions that involve the sciatic nerve can be treated with surgery, but natural ways are more preferable because they do not involve harmful chemicals. In fact, medical professionals highly recommend more non-invasive forms of treatment for curing sciatica.

Sciatica pain is usually treated with the use of drugs, which relax the muscles. Although these chemicals are also effective in relieving pain, health care professionals still suggest that individuals who suffer from sciatica pain consider this method only as a last resort. Alleviating the pain is best dealt with by daily exercise and a healthier choice of diet. Changing your habits is not an easy thing to do but shifting to a healthier lifestyle is certainly beneficial especially if you want to stay away from undesirable body conditions such as sciatica.

One surprising way to experience relief from sciatica is by maintaining a good posture. More stress is placed on your back, specifically your muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves, and spine (if you have a bad posture). Our head weighs roughly around 15 pounds and it has to be well supported by the neck and back. Otherwise, the entire body becomes strained and the pressure will lead to backache.

When you are standing your posture affects the condition of your sciatica nerves. To prevent yourself from sciatica pain, do not stand in one position for a long duration of time. Also whenever you are in a standing position, make sure that your feet are slightly apart. You know that you are standing straight if your shoulders are aligned with your ears and if your shoulders are not drooping. Stand up straight, tall and erect, and make a conscious effort to change it as soon as you realize that your posture has dropped.

There is also a preferable body posture when sleeping. Avoid using too many pillows under your head. A pile of pillows will only strain your neck and could eventually cause back pains. Try to maintain proper alignment of the spine even when you lie down in bed. Also, try not to sleep on your front. To help ensure that your spine is aligned during sleep, make it a habit to place a pillow under your knees when you are lying on your back. This will make your lower extremities slightly elevated and change the angle of your pelvis. If your usual sleeping position is on the side, place a small pillow in between your knees. Make sure that your head is aligned with your body and never allow it to tilt backwards.

All these tips will help with the relief from sciatica nerve pain. Improving your body posture is the best basic method that you need to incorporate in order to reduce any discomfort. In addition, regular exercise to increase the flexibility and strength in core and spinal muscles; mixed with a healthy diet it can help you maintain correct alignment of the spine, which will lead to a better sciatica nerve condition.

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