Catch More Fish With The Banjo Minnow

The lifelike Banjo Minnow fishing lure has altered the river fishing landscape, allowing anglers to bring in bigger hauls without resorting to the use of live bait. Engineered to resemble a wounded or dying minnow, this lure mimics the natural feeding environment for fish. Used correctly banjos food, with techniques taught on the accompanying DVD, the system will not scare away sensitive fish like other man-made baits often do. It is a proven method that has helped many fishermen and women to increase their catch.

The trick to finding success with this lure is in the motion of the hands holding the rod. The minnow is manufactured to look and move like a real bait fish, and to help with the illusion, it is cut into sections that wriggle as the line is manipulated. The lures come in a wide assortment of colors and sizes, so picking the appropriate minnow will also help. Choosing a size or color not native to local waters may risk losing the fish’s attention, since it is accustomed to be on the lookout for a particular breed of minnow. Another nice feature of this lure is the set of realistic and weighted eyes that can be swapped among the assorted pieces. Not only do the eyes enhance the realism, but their varying weights help with control of the line.

Rather than cast the line out and reel it back in slowly, anglers using the minnow simply let it drop into the water and then use quick tugs and jerks of the line to bring the lure to life. The moment the tension releases from the line may be a sign that a fish has taken the bait, so this technique will take some practice for those who are used to fishing with other lures. This system seeks to keep the waters as natural-seeming as possible, so studying the material that comes with the kit as well as the normal movements of injured bait fish will prove largely beneficial to the fisherman who wants to master this method.

The entire system includes 110 pieces, from the collection of plastic fish to six sets of weighted eyes and the training video. It also comes with specially-designed hooks and guards that allow the lure to be dropped into just about any water without risk of snagging the line. Given all these choices, a sportsman might be able to throw out all the other fancy fishing lures and trinkets and focus exclusively on this system for year-round fishing success.

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