Burping and Carrying Positions for Baby

Position one:
Sit him on your outer leg looking out. This way, if he chucks up, milk won’t land on your shoes.
Press in the lower part of his back. Keep the back straight and his chin up.

Position Two:
Another way babies like to burp is across your knee. Slightly raise the leg his head is resting on and let his legs hang down. Gently but firmly stroke his back or just let him lay there.

Babies find the pressure on the tummy comforting. However if your baby suffers from reflux pain they may not like this position.

Position Three:
Another way to burp baby is lying tummy down across your arm. Have his body stretched out and angle his head a little upwards and again keep the chin up. Your forearm presses in on his tummy. Gently pat or rub his lower back.

how to get yourself to burp

Position Four:
Then there is over your shoulder. Your shoulder presses in on his tummy and you can apply gentle pressure with your hand to straighten his back and help the air bubble rise to the top.
He doesn’t need lots of jigging, lots of patting or anything like that, he just needs to stay calm. If he is not calm stand up and walk with him while he is in a burping position. Movement helps calm babies.

Carrying Baby:
Carry baby in different ways.

Carry One:
Change shoulders from one to the other as it helps him move his head in different directions.

Carry Two:
Some babies like to lie stretched out looking around.

Carry Three:
Others like to be carried facing down. Your forearm supports the tummy. Dads often like this position as they can move baby around like a football.

It is always important to support the head and neck of a newborn. As baby gets older he will have a bit more head control.

Carry Four:
Babies love being connected to you so if you have a baby that won’t settle – a sling is a great way to carry him. If you go for a walk – slings are a great idea in the early days. There are many brands of straight up and down or over the shoulder styles on the market. I suggest you go to the shop and try slings on as different slings suit different people.

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