Stop Should-ing All Over Yourself

Do you remember that song by Baz Luhrman called Sunscreen?

There’s a great line in it that says ‘Sometimes you’re ahead sometimes you’re behind – but in the end – the race is only with yourself.’

OK I agree maybe it’s a little fortune-cookie-tastic, but the sentiment has never been truer than in the going-to-bed-at-2am-kicking-the-computer-in-frustration-tearing-your-hair-out wonderful wide world… of Internet Marketing.

Even for the more experienced – but PARTICULARLY for the newcomer – it is way too easy to get way too overwhelmed way too soon.

There is simply too much information out there.  bazinga Like trained lab rats we scurry furiously without thinking from one project to another, gorging ourselves on scraps of information tossed from the table of our ‘gurus’…

Why? Because we all think ‘I should know this’ and ‘I should know that’.

Stop should-ing all over yourself.
And start doing.

There will always be people ahead. And there will always be people behind.

If you continue to run from one great marketing tool to another – without ever seeing any of them through to completion – you will perpetually be in constant state of ‘starting’.

A lot of people go through LIFE like this – never mind Internet Marketing. Most people are great starters but poor finishers.

Look at the number of gym registrations at the beginning of the year, the number of books started that we don’t finish.

And those attempting to make money online ‘should’ all over themselves all the time.

That’s because there is not just one path to online success. It took me a long time to realize that. Blogging may make someone 4 figures a month – yet someone else nothing. What works for one may not work for another. Everyone eventually finds their own doorway to walk through.

What is right for one soul may not be right for another.

So when you next feel that you should jump ship on the project you are looking at – blinded by the giddying promises or shining lights of yet another download – let your should hit the fan.

See through to completion what you have begun. Be gentle with yourself – come to a quiet realization that you will never know everything – and that’s fine. This business is a marathon – not a sprint.

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