Profiling Through Eight Characters

Personality profiling or performance profiling through tests like Jung-Myers-Briggs, DISC profile and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, to name a few, is today de rigueur in many large corporations and multinationals. The idea behind such profiling taests is simple: Find out what the person is good at and get them into a job or position that capitalises on their strength.

But these tests may come with certain disadvantages. First, bazinga they require the candidate to actually sit for them. Second, the reliability of the tests in accurately profiling a person has been called into question, since there has been evidence to suggest that such tests can be “tricked”, because the candidate can choose not to answer honestly. Given how important these tests are towards getting a job in a multinational company, it wouldn’t be surprising that some people would be tempted to “Rob Wealth” their way (in plain speak, manipulate or bluff) through them. There is also the question of access. The tests are extremely expensive to implement, so small and medium-size businesses, businesses with headcounts under 250 and start-ups have little or no means to utilise them.

Which brings me to BaZi Profiling, a system of personality profiling that offers a number of clear advantages (obviously I’m a bit biased, but hear me out). The most obvious advantage is that it doesn’t require cooperation from the candidates. Just ask them to fill in their Date of Birth (the time isn’t really required for a basic profiling), punch it into a BaZi calculator, get the chart, and with some simple BaZi knowledge, you can read their profile. It has a high accuracy level in terms of ascertaining a person’s basic and inherent personality. You can’t cheat on a BaZi profile, and interpretation errors are virtually nil at the basic profiling level, which can actually be done using a computer program.

The five profiles

There are Five Basic Profile types in BaZi Profiling: Wealth Profile, Output Profile, Companion Profile, Influence Profile and Resource Profile. Here are the traits of each.

The Wealth Profile person is: independent, self-confident, responsible, results-driven, hard-working, bottom-line centric. They are exceedingly practical, supremely grounded and horribly efficient. These no-nonsense, frequently authoritative types do not mince their words, have low tolerance for excuses or foolishness and believe it is entirely possible to achieve efficiency + efficacy. They are control-driven and tend to micro-manage.

The Output Profile person is: creative, a big-picture person, a visionary, a dreamer, an evangelist, a daredevil, a rebel with a cause, hyper-confident, innovative, energetic, reform-driven. They are performance-driven people who thrive under the spotlight. They love presenting, pitching, brain-storming, getting on a soapbox and making something from zero to hero. They get a thrill from coming up with unique, over-the-top concepts and ideas. They tend to be stubborn, argumentative, demanding, tempestuous and sometimes suffer illusions of grandeur.

The Companion Profile person is: persuasive, sociable, chatty, a smooth operator, a networker extraordinaire, competitive, strong-willed, egotistical, hyper-confident, fly-by-the-seat of their pants, teamwork centric, a natural salesperson, outgoing, altruistic. Their motivation in life comes from seeing everything as a race. There is a tendency to be disorganised, last-minute, lack a systematic approach and make decisions spontaneously. This profile is also very susceptible to peer pressure.

The Influence Profile person is: likeable, pleasing, consensus-driven, pliant, anti-conflict, sensitive, precise, cooperative, thorough, measured, execution-driven, a peacemaker, a middle manager, diplomatic, tactful. They are the consummate follower, they never step out of line and always knows their place in life. They are never extreme and always rock-steady in everything they do. This profile tends, however, to shy away from taking the lead and prefers not to upset the apple cart in any way.

The Resource Profile person is: questioning, analysis-driven, thinkers rather than doers, methodical, thorough, knowledgeable, well-read, a micro-picture person, cautious, precise, systematic, structured, orderly, balanced, patient, reliable, steady. They are the consummate adviser; always armed with all the facts and figures, dissected six ways. This profile, however, does not operate well under pressure and has a tendency to procrastinate.

Most people will fall into one of these five profiles, or one of the profiles will dominate their personality. In some instances, the person’s profile is very clear and evident even without the benefit of plotting their BaZi chart.

Joey Yap’s Profile

Joey Yap is the founder of the Joey Yap Consulting Group, a global organisation devoted to the teaching of Feng Shui, BaZi, Mian Xiang and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects. He is also the Chief Consultant of Yap Global Consulting, an international consulting firm specialising in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology services and audits.

He is also the best selling author of over 60 books on Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading and Yi Jing, many of which have topped the Malaysian and Singaporean MPH bookstores’ bestseller lists.


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