Enjoy the Challenge of Online Word Games

Word games are available online for challenge and fun. There are many sites that offer them. Some of the game types include search type games and letter guessing – similar to Hangman. There are crosswords and skill-based ones as well. Finally, there are speed-based ones that depend on rapid and accurate selection of words and letters to win.

Search Games

With this type, there are words concealed in either a maze or crossword style board. The player has to find the hidden words, usually from a provided word list. Since parts of the words are in the hidden letters, but not always the complete one, it takes a lot of skill and visual discrimination to pick out the complete words.

Letter Guessing

The classic hangman is just one version of this genre. Often there is a theme, such as jungle themes, or monkey, kangaroo themes, or other similar themes. The object is to complete the word by guessing letters that fit into the pattern before using up all the chances and hanging the man, or dismembering the monkey or kangaroo. The special skill required here is the ability to recognize common letter pairs and word patterns.


Crosswords are very old word games. They have been around for centuries. The words must fit into a pattern, with dissecting letters fitting into the word, making a word as well. Some have themes formed from the blacked out spaces. There are symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. Clues given help determine which word goes into which space. Working back and forth between the clues and the crossword diagram helps to figure out more difficult words and clues.

Skill Based

These genres test your vocabulary prowess and your skill at word building. Some require you to guess a word within a certain number of attempts, using deductive reasoning skills to determine the word. Others have story scenarios where a character is rescued with word guessing. Others connect letters in a certain pattern to make the required word.

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