Using Text Messages For Fundraising

Text messages have always been a popular medium to put a message across the board. The best thing about it is that you can encapsulate your message in a limited number of words that won’t take a minute to read. Not only this, they come straight to the point with focused messages.

Today, SMS campaigns are emerging as an important marketing strategy. Different organizations are using text messaging to rake in cash for varied events and causes. Some of the well-known politicians have used this technology extensively to raise money for their electoral campaigns and they have been quite successful. The Red Cross Organization used the text messaging strategy to collect funds after the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010.

As an organizer trying to raise funds, there are various third party service providers and software programs you can use to manage SMS campaigns effectively. They offer diverse features in exchange for a small charge. The first feature is the ability to send out messages in bulk making sure you get in touch with most of the people on your list. Secondly, you can group leads based on needs, preferences and abilities. This coupled with the ability to tailor messages based on the people you are trying to reach out to allow you an opportunity to add a personal touch to your marketing strategy without sounding unprofessional.

Messages can be scheduled to be distributed on a particular date and time so that you do not forget in the midst of work. Within the field of fundraising, you can diversify it further to raise awareness, increasing volunteering and for the sake of activism.

However, when working with text messaging for fundraising you cannot only rely on the SMS campaign. The involvement of finances always calls for a check into credibility. Thus, in order to make your message compelling and to get people to donate towards your cause, it is necessary to combine it with other methods of offline marketing. You can advertise on the radio, the television or in the newspapers to convince prospective donors that your organization is genuine and that you are working towards a worthy cause.

The fees for using text messages for fundraising and political campaigns are based on the package you opt for. It could be a recurring monthly or yearly charge or a one-time set up cost. The fees might also vary based on the features you are looking at such as extra keywords, more messages per month among others.

From the point of view of donors, the mobile donations are made via premium text messages wherein donors can contribute $5 or $10 per text message. You are required to send a message with the given keyword and short code (numerical). It is the organization that determines the amount per text message. Your mobile phone bill is inclusive of this small donation for postpaid customers. Prepaid users can make their donations too. This is a very secure system to make your donations for varied reasons. You can determine whether or not you would like to make a payment. You can fix the number of times you would like to make a donation. And finally, the organization has no confidential information about you except your phone number.

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