Creative Ways To Use Plastic Milk Crates At Home

Plastic milk crates are square or rectangular interlocking crates that are made of heavy duty industrial level plastic. These crates are most commonly used to transport milk, but they are also being used to transport and display other products in retail establishments. These milk crates have been used commercially for years, but in recent time, they have been utilized for other uses, most commonly for furniture.

Plastic milk crates being used as furniture are mostly seen in college room dorms. College dormitories are usually small and lack ample space for all the things that students have, such as books and various school supplies. Even with the presence of a study desk, it is not enough to hold all the various papers, textbooks and school paraphernalia that one accumulates in the four to seven years of college. This is why plastic milk crates as furniture like shelves and small side tables are popular.

These plastic milk crates are easy to make and also cheap to buy, most often as handmade pieces that are sold in thrift stores or specialty stalls. Because of the strength and durability of these crates, they can be used for almost any kind of furniture. Here are a few examples:


  • Ceiling lights – this is going to require some knowledge on wiring and wattage, but using plastic milk crates for ceiling lights is very popular and edgy. Basically, rather than using glass or plastic covers for the light bulb, a square plastic crate is used as the cover. You can even put together a number of crates and bulbs to come up with an ingenious and creative light piece.
  • Stools – these plastic milk crates are most popularly used as chairs. If you want to be a little bit more creative than using just the actual crate as a chair, you can opt to add stool legs and a backing to the chair. You can even add soft cushions on the seat so that it is more comfortable. You can do this by purchasing old furniture that can still be salvaged; you can easily buy foam that you can cut to fit the size of the seat perfectly.
  • Desks – there are many kinds of desks that you can make out of plastic milk crates. You can make use of a single crate to create a small end table or a side table for your bedroom, or you can use a long wooden plank and attach two plastic crates on stool legs to create a longer table. This will be useful either as a study or work desk, or maybe even a dining table.

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