Why Plastic Promotional Mugs Work

If your company is looking to produce promotional mugs on the cheap, then plastic promotional mugs are fantastic idea. While these are nowhere near as durable as their ceramic counterparts a plastic promotional mug can be manufactured cheaply and produced quickly.

You will need to take into account several unique factors when designing a plastic promotional mug, and also realize that this mug is not meant to be used for as long as other types of promotional mugs so you’ll likely have to take the life span into account when designing it. However, all these issues aside, if you are looking for a cheap promotional item that people are likely to find useful then give due consideration towards adding plastic promotional mugs into your marketing bag of tricks.

Obviously the main benefit towards choosing a plastic promotional mug is that they are very inexpensive to produce, and can be produced very quickly. Two things that any manager is very happy to hear when approached by their marketing staff. There are essentially two different styles of plastic promotional mugs, and they will require two very different design and manufacturing processes.

The first type is a solid plastic mug with the graphics screen printed onto the surface. The other style is a clear promotional plastic mug that has a paper insert with graphics printed on the paper. These two different styles of promotional mug essentially fill the same need, though have very different manufacturing processes that will lend themselves to different applications.

For plastic promotional mugs with paper inserts you can choose a wide variety of colors to be printed on the paper. Because of this if your logo or slogan or design contains many colors and high-resolution graphics then you’ll definitely want to go with this style of plastic promotional mug. However if your graphics are rather low resolution and only contain a couple colors then you will want to choose the solid plastic mug with screen printed graphics.

The reason for this is simple; screen printing does not produce very high resolution images, and is limited by the background color of the plastic promotional mug itself. Granted there are options for high resolution and high color count screen printing, but these are much more expensive and well beyond the scope of producing an inexpensive plastic promotional mug. Therefore if you are insistent on having many colors and high resolutions then you’ll definitely want to go with the paper insert.

Unfortunately there is a rather serious downside to paper inserts in a plastic promotional mug. The likelihood of liquid seeping in and this color in the paper or causing the colors to bleed is quite high. Similarly with solid plastic promotional mugs the screen printed graphics are likely to wear off over time.

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