Singapore Holiday And A Trip to Goa: A Bagful Of Fun

When one thinks of a grand and frolicking holiday teemed with sightseeing, food and beaches, then the name of Singapore instantly leaps to the mind. A Singapore holiday is a great way to have a gala time with your family and friends. The country, which is very clean & green, is simply stuffed with sophisticated man-made artifacts and is a heaven for both the honeymooner and a backpacker!

A Singapore package lets you gape at the pulsating streets, the rocking nightlife, the throbbing lifestyle, the cultural locals, the yummy cuisines, the adventurous roads, the blissful nature and the exotic beaches. There is virtually nothing that you can’t find in this country. Even a month-long trip may not be enough to satiate your thirst for this country which is so replete with amazing eye-catching things.

To begin with, take a trip to the famous Sentosa Island which is more like a fairy-tale theme park stuffed with exciting beaches, loaded with awesome attractions and fragrant with its lovable cuisines. Sentosa is a world in itself where you can head to Sky Tower (an observatory tower that offers a panoramic view of the horizon); you can visit the Images of Singapore (an interesting historical museum); you can travel to the Underwater World (where you can journey into the underbelly of the ocean in the company of sharks and monsters); you can enjoy at the Songs of the Sea (a beachside destination where you can dig into sports and party through the night) and you can stand before the iconic landmark of the Merlion Statue.

Singapore package brings you unending thrills and excitements as you swim alongside the dolphins at the Dolphin Lagoon or ride the colossal Singapore Flyer or share a Jungle Breakfast with animals at the Singapore Zoo or marvel at the birds at the Jurong Bird Park. Some of the other must-visit attractions of the country include names like Snow City, Singapore Science Centre, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, Night Safari and Fort Siloso.

You can carve out that dream Singapore holiday by buying a package from some holiday planners. It can be the easiest and cheapest way to book flights, hotels and make sightseeing arrangements.

If you wish to stay in India and yet make the most of your holiday, then a trip to Goa is undoubtedly the most recommended trip. Goa’s breathtaking beauty is simply unspoiled and poetic as the state has blessed us with two scores of natural beaches that are so serene and picturesque. Goa can be enjoyed simply because of its variety. Here you can surf on the beaches; enjoy water sporting games like jet skiing, parasailing or snorkeling; take a cruise ride on the Mandovi River; view the heritage beauty of Old Goa; walk into the holistic churches & cathedrals; slump into party mood on the beaches; enjoy the night life at casinos; take wildlife trips at sanctuaries; visit mansions & waterfalls and bury yourself in the yummiest cuisines & seafood! Your trip to Goa shall certainly be the most beautiful memory of your life!

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