Facebook Fan Pages

So you’re bored at home and start facebooking since you got nothing else to do. Why not add to your profile a bit by liking some Facebook pages. There are tons of pages on Facebook of all the things you can think of. Thought of one? Then search for it and most likely it’s probably already there. Not only that, there might Final Expense be more than one of them too. Obviously someone or something might have so many fans that others have tried to make their own page about that certain someone or something. Sometimes the real page would have the most fans out of the copies, or it could also say something like “official” to notify people that it’s the legit one.

Joining Facebook pages is no sweat either. All you have to do is to go to that page and click the “like” button. Now you have access to that fan page as a member and can enjoy the things a member of any fan page would. Now you’ll get to see the latest news, photos, videos, and blogs of your favorite celebrities, athletes, places to go to, products or brands, etc. Once you like that page, it will come out in the news feeds and let people on your friend list know that you like that page. Now your friends see that you like the page, they might want to like it too if they share the same interests, and the fans build up and up as this goes on. Likewise, if you view the page you will see common friends that like that page too. You might even spot some potential new friends since you share the same interest in that page anyway.

Facebook pages are a cool way to interact with other friends too. The limitations to pages don’t just run out at liking a page, you can create one yourself and start a whole new experience for others. Creating a page can be fun because it can be about generally anything you want, as long as it cuts out the illegal content and explicit stuff of course. After you make a page, the goal is of course to get fans. Getting your friends would be fairly easy to sell as long as they like the idea, they like the page too. The network of fans also expands as friends of friends might bump into that page sometime and like it too.

Furthermore, fans get to interact with pages too. If the page permits, fans can post photos, statuses, news, videos, and other things to the page. It’s just another level of sharing between members and administrators. So if you are planning to like or create your own page one day, don’t hesitate to do so. Fan pages on Facebook are one of the most interactive ways to sharing up to date information, photos, news, and maybe even on the business end of things. Who wouldn’t want to gain more clients…. or fans



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