Take Control of Your Life – Part I – Identification and Analysis of Life’s Problems

More often than not people have been mislead with respect to Astrology and what it can do. The problem with a predictive science like astrology is that, the person or agency practicing it will have to be genuinely knowledgeable of this science. Must be willing to go to the depths at the required level. The more in-depth one goes the more the accuracy of prediction.

For instance a “date-of-birth”-only based prediction generalizes forecasts for all people born on that date (its usually more generic than that). The moment, “time-of-birth” comes into play it starts to become more unique. The moment, “place-of-birth” comes into play it becomes even more unique and hence more accurate with respect to the person for whom the analysis is being done.

There are only a few people who have gone to those depths and understood the true methods and techniques to reap benefits out of Astrological horoscope predictions. Not to demean all those astrology based solutions available in the Whole-Wide-World – www (actually World-Wide-Web), but very few of those actually have got access to the knowledge and even after having that knowledge have taken pains and gone into the depth of that knowledge to bring out the true benefits, such in-depth, astro-analysis can render.

Any solution seeking methodology should have these four distinctive phases (In our case its the Solution seeking for Life problems) – 1. Problem identification – what the problem is, 2. Problem analysis – why is the problem occurring, 3. Solution identification and recommendation- how can the problem be resolved and the recommendations and 4. Solution implementation – implement the identified or the recommended solution to eradicate the problem.

Astrological Horoscope Analysis exactly provides the very first two steps for the above two phases 1 and 2 of the solution seeking process for Life problems. This brings us to, two questions – what is Astrology and horoscope and why use them for determining and analysing life’s problems.

We wont go into defining what Astrology is and what a horoscope is. You can find plenty of material on definitions and volumes about each when you Google “Astrology” and “Horoscope”. What we are aiming here is to bring a fresh perspective of how these can be used for Life Problem definition and analysis as mentioned earlier.

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