Jupiter and His Blessings in a Natal Chart

Jupiter is named after the Roman God, equivalent to the Greek Zeus. Astrologically, he is ruling expansion, bringing luck and prosperity. Indeed, his placements and influences can bring growth and success. At the same time his influence can also easily spoil someone and give tendencies of laziness.

Jupiter is ruling spirituality and religion, fairness and abstract ideas. He is the bringer of good fortune, while also teaches us being benevolent towards other people. By observing the house he is placed in, we can see which life areas he boons with expansive behaviors. He rules everything that is fun, recreational activities and can strongly influence wealth and possessions.

Jupiter in Horoscopes of Millionaires

For example, if we look into the horoscopes of many famous billionaires such as Bill Gates or Donald Trump we see that Jupiter in their natal charts is located in the Second house, also called as a House of Value. The second house is all about possessions, money, material things that the native own, gain and expenditures. It signifies the way someone draws money towards him (or repels it).

When Jupiter resides in the 2nd house of a natal chart, it indeed grants luck with money. The native is probably born to a rather wealthy family, and from his young ages getting used to a life without financial problems. This placement favors all business affairs; from law to education, from religion to travel-connected jobs; other people can easily trust the native for working with him, and there can be great support from the government, the church or generally people in places of authority. There is great possibility of inheriting a family business, or being born to a famous judge, lawyer, politician etc; this way the career of the native might have been already decided from their father, but who said this is too bad when it comes with an already guaranteed success and accumulated wealth?

Jupiter can also bring honors of all types, respect and even fame. Of course, in order to support the planet we should exercise goodness, keeping track on our personal morality and ethics. Jupiter is more generous towards people that act exactly as him: by being generous towards others and support in any way possible. He rewards kindness and fairness, and people with a strong Jupiter can often reach positions where their role will be to judge fairly between two opposite sides.

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