ART’S contribution to mankind

Many undisclosed factors filter into ART’S contribution to mankind. ART ‘takes on’ the temperature and environment of where it is produced and transported. The work itself becomes a polyglot of every aspect in culture that came before it. Master works are the children of thousand of years of diverse heritage. It does not just arise out of itself but has been wooed for hundreds of thousands of years in the genes of the person bringing it to life. ART represents a basis for us to react with a grand exhibition of emotions. From fear to outrage, pleasure to amusement we are either attracted or repelled by what we see. We see can never fully envision or appreciate the extent of effort and energy that went into producing the ART. We are allowed to observe but the mere shell of the representation of something far more involved than first meets the eye. That which one views is but a hint of that ‘untouchable quality’ which exists in totality.

What is it that we are actually observing? What is it about a certain work of ART that inspires, compels, repels or disturbs us? We are not only looking at the work, but behind the work into the god reflected in ourselves. We see what we are. We can do nothing else. Our eyes are colored and conditioned by the complications and contaminations of our own unique experiences, events, and relationships. ART is the conductor that either connects or disconnects, causing us to move beyond where we presently reside or to continue to whine, complain, criticize and bemoan our current place. It matters not whether we like or dislike what we are observing. If we truly look further, deeper, wider and longer we will find what we are looking for: a part of ourselves and the divinity that lies buried within waiting for expression.

Mortals continually seek the answers to the most perplexing universal questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? These underlying questions refer to time both past, present and future, as well as, the nature of the human condition itself. By delving into the most ancient of periods, combined with the present day occurrences, (of the chaotic/barbaric of times) are we better able to appreciate, relate and absorb the mysterious universe as it moves through us and into our ART.

We are forced to ponder the question: does culture influence the ART or is ART influenced by the culture? Prehistoric ART is heavy laden with overly inscribed overt symbolism reflecting their similar interests in discovering the answers to these on-going nebulous questions. The Venus of Willendorf may adequately portray man’s attempt to satisfy the vital requirement in himself to subdue the fears associated with what may possibly happen to him after he died. She screams as an extraneous deity needed by man to validate his unstoppable urge to worship something greater that existed inside himself. Without a doubt, the greatest aspiration in man is to seize and exemplify the inner spiritual aspect of his nature. He intends, through ART, to reveal the Master of Divine Essence so inexplicably hidden. The creations of Artists are merely the outward manifestation of an inner realization. From Cavemen to the most technological advances in mankind, the sole purpose is to see God face to face in some manner. By studying, contemplating and meditating upon the various ART works made available and those created by oneself, an option is made accessible to expand man’s universe. One is able to receive through a hologramic resonance, a personal revelation that will cause him to envision an experience more than what it appears to be on the surface.

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