Tub Chair Cover Options

A tub chair is a type of chair designed to give the appearance when an individual is patterned chair covers  sitting in the chair as if they are sitting in a bath tub. This type of chair has raised arms arching to the floor. Originally designed for people who spend many hours in a sedentary position, such as the elderly or people with certain physical disabilities, but in recent years have become popular with furniture designers and many different people have found these chairs extremely comfortable as well as a unique piece of furniture.

A tub chair cover protects the furniture chair piece from spills, tears and other mishaps. In addition, the cover will help the fabric or other materials used in chair seat construction (such as leather) to last longer and fade less. Other benefits include the ability to remove and wash the cover and to change designs and colors when desired.

The covers range in cost but are generally not very expensive. Styles of tub chair covers also vary. One simple style basically just stretches over the chair. Another type is a loose fitting cover that drapes over the piece of furniture. This style may be more appropriate to use on chairs that are not sat in often as the looser fit can start to slide and easily move around when a person is constantly getting in and out of the piece of furniture chair and thus will have to be re-adjusted for fit more often. The loose fit style can be used to drape over the chair while a person is gone, protecting the original chair fabric from pet hairs, dirt, or sun damage.

For chairs used constantly, a fitted cover generally works best. In addition, styles are offered with water-resistant or types of absorbent fabrics that can help stop liquid spills from staining or damaging the original chair. This style is also a good choice for pet owners who allow their pets onto the chairs.

Lastly, another option is to have the tub chairs completely re-upholstered. This option is also one of the more expensive choices but often a custom made cover can offer choices in color, design and fabrics that match the needs of the owner and may last longer than store-bought generic covers.

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