Retargeting: The 5 R’s to Reach Your Sales

Gone are the days when lost customers are lost forever, especially in the Internet. Through the years, Retargeting continues to evolve as an essential online business tool in delivering specific customers to a chosen site, ultimately increasing the conversion rates.

As long as a Retargeting service provider has a dedicated operations team armed with top-notch technology that gathers profiling data from different users’ online history and activities, potential customers can be immediately tracked and traced all at the same time, all in less than a second.

This is followed by strategically exposing banner ads that best fit every user’s personality and taste within the realm of sites they visit online. When clicked, they are redirected to the target site. The higher the site impressions are may increase the chance of generating more sales.

But is it really that simple? How does retargeting help a business? Why do people invest valuable time and resources just to get the right retargeting services?

To look closer, here are some of the 5 other R’s on why retargeting works:

1. Reconnect – One of the most vital attributes of Buy Barong Tagalog retargeting is the ability to precisely identify which kinds of users a certain site is looking for. Every site has their own target profile and the customers matching these profiles are found and tracked through the use of retargeting pixels placed in strategic pages without disrupting the user’s experience.

For example, a fashion retail site may look for a twenty-something young professional who almost bought a cardigan, but changed her mind during check out; also, it may be a middle-aged woman with a budding hobby of collecting earrings. By identifying these people, we have an idea on which ads to show and where to place them so that old customers are reconnected to the site and new customers are invited in.

2. Redirect – When target users are identified, the next step is to expose them
to the best banner ads that may catch their eye and trigger them to click. When that happens, they are redirected to the specific site.

For example, a user who bought a pair of brown leather shoes on a site may also be interested to buy a brown leather bag. So for the next few days that she is online, she may see similar banner ads in different sites inviting her to buy them. When she clicks the ad, she is redirected to the site.

In addition, retargeting banners are completely dynamic. They operate in real time based on a special algorithm, the user profile and the data feed of the products of a specific site. It all happens simultaneously with different banners showing different products to different people that when clicked, are redirected to the specified destination.

3. Reinforce – Can you imagine selling your item or service without the help of retargeting? How then, will more traffic enter the site? Moreover, what if the ones who land in the site are just random individuals who aren’t interested at all to buy? Generating sales will surely not be the same.

With the help of retargeting, businesses are kept out of the dark by providing them the means to get to the exact market they are trying to sell to. By reaching out to users and redirecting them to the site, more people can view the site’s products, thus higher the number of potential purchases. Moreover, the more impressions a site gets may increase the chance of customer loyalty and site popularity as well.

4. Recall – Retargeting boosts a person’s retention like no other promotional method. How do you get old customers back? By reminding them of what they missed, what they almost had and what they want. By showing them a series of banner ads that may catch their attention, the ideal reaction will be for them to think twice and check out what this advertisement has to offer.

When they have found your site, even if they don’t buy immediately, they know where to visit when they finally have to. It may also enhance the user’s interest in the item creating a need that was not there, only realized after being exposed to the site’s offerings. Retargeting may be considered as that “extra nudge” to convince a person to make that buy.

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