Decorative Corner Braces – What Is Their Purpose and How Best Are They Used in Home Improvement?

Decorative Corner Braces are used for a couple of purposes. And, when finding quality Corner Braces or Corner Corbels the purpose over laps. And, just as a side note, Corner Braces, Corbels, and Angle Brackets are basically the same product for the same function.

The first purpose, for Corner Braces, is for support. Whether it is a simple Shelf or a Granite Counter Top you need a Bracket or Corbel to hold the weight. Corner Braces are a structural element that is needed for fireplace mantels and the bracing products like Pergola’s beams. Using the best quality Corner Brace, Angle Bracket, or Corner Corbel is always best. Hand Forged Wrought Iron is very strong iron or metal that, through heat, bending, and welding produces the strongest Heavy Duty Support Braces or Metal Brackets.

Wrought Iron products make the best long term Corner Braces or Brackets because they will not rot or decay or become weak like wood products or plastic. Cast Iron Brackets are usually Ornamental and Decorative to look at, but will not sustain heavy weight over time. Cast Iron Brackets or Braces are heated iron that is poured into molds, and although they may look strong, they are susceptible to breaking down under stress.

The second purpose of a Decorative Corner Brace would be for an ornamental element. It can be used for the sole purpose of appearing to be supportive, but in reality it is an attractive aspect of design. An example of this could be having a Decorative Corner Brace installed in the corner of a ceiling beam. The support may not be needed but having the beauty and an architectural element in an Iron Design enhances and creates the appearance of strength, beauty and boldness. This is true with whatever application you use Decorative Corner Braces for. Put a Brace or Corbel under your upper kitchen cabinets. They are not needed for the strength because the cabinets are already attached to your kitchen wall, but the attractiveness they create is amazing and stunning. Many people don’t think of using these beautiful Iron products for this purpose. You just have to think out of the box. Your Fireplace Mantel may be tied into your wall and may not need a Bracket for support, but a Decorative Iron Mantel Corbel will alter your mantel into a show piece.

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