Human Being in Corona Crisis

How Can You Help In This Situation?

Just pray to the SUPREME POWER, that the countries affected do not suffer from any other natural calamity – such as floods, famine or cyclones. At the same time, let us sincerely hope that the number of fatalities due to the virus should not experience a steep climb.

Why Should You Read This Article?

There may be many among you, who will feel a little awkward about reading this article in this dire situation when some betrouwbare corona testen countries are facing severe problems. Some may, even consider, this article has been published at this uncertain, unusual time as it talks about being positive at all times. But, please note, as mentioned in the very first paragraph of this article, staying positive is the best way to become successful in this time of crisis brought about by the Corona Virus.

How To Fulfill Your Duty as a Human Being in Corona Crisis

1.Enjoy The Little Moments

Are you a nuclear family? There were the days you worked for your family against all odds. Your wife stayed at home and cooked the best recipes. Your children understood the pain their parents went through and got good grades at colleges & schools.

The weekends were merely a source to get your tired bodies and mind rest for the next weekdays. In this lockdown, you can spend sufficient time with your family elders, spouse and kids. Take time to view the morning sunrise from your balcony, enjoy the morning coffee, give the brain cell the rest it needed all these years. Now, after the crisis, you can achieve more because your mind, brain and the entire body has savoured the calm it so desperately needed all these years.

2. Call Your Friends/Relatives

True, the Government may have levied a curfew and maintain social distance, but it has not told you to stay and get isolated from friends and relatives. Make your voice heard.

This is the time to patch-up with your friends and relatives. Take your mobile, call them and catch the events that have unfolded in their lives. Speaking with a blood relative can give the confidence which can ward off stress hormones by the million.

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