Which Wilderness Survival Skills Are Important During a City Disaster?

It’s more realistic to be part of a city disaster than it is to be stuck in the woods need to survive until rescued. Everyday there are all sorts of natural disasters and weather events that displace people and disrupt normal day to day life. Your wilderness survival skills can come in handy during these situations.

Fire building is probably the most important skill. If you don’t have water Survival Skills  purification, fire will help you boil it so that you can have something to drink. You can cook with fire if need be. Fire also provides warmth for times when you don’t have much. Make sure you know how to build a fire and have something to start a fire with.

Knowing how to acquire water is an important skill as well. There are many methods that use dew, vegetation, and plastic bags to extract water from the plants that are in the woods or even your backyard. Learning how to get water when it’s scarce is important as the tap water might not always be running during a disaster.

Basic first aid is important too. If there is a situation that needs medical care, it might be awhile before you or someone else gets to see a doctor. Knowing the basic skills of how to help someone get comfortable, recover from shock, and prevent and treat infections are the types you should focus on first.

You can take your wilderness knowledge and apply it to the urban environment when there is a real survival situation that you and everyone could be facing during a disaster.

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