Are You Still Using Merchant Provided Landing Pages

When you first decide to market a product or service as an affiliate, more often than not the merchant will provide a set tools for you to use in your campaigns. These range from banners in all sizes, text links and maybe some form of interactive tools. Sometimes they’ll provide landing pages or at the very least banners large enough to serve as stand alone landing page, or, you can mix and match banners to create a landing page of your own.

This is all well and good, in fact, merchants who want their affiliates to succeed should provide these tools. However, by using the exact same tools as every other affiliate on the Internet you really have no way to set yourself apart from them and create a unique presence for your campaigns.

To avoid this and give your traffic a unique pass through from your site to the merchant site you have three options. Create your own creatives, hire someone to create them for you or to purchase pre-made landing pages or creatives that target the niche you’re marketing.

When it comes to pre-made landing pages, one of the nice things about many on thiết kế landing page sáng tạo the market is they provide you with a low cost alternative to hiring out the work and a way to set yourself apart from affiliates marketing the same programs you are. In addition to that, if they’re designed correctly there will also be a creative way to easily insert portions of your own text or information to make the page even more unique.

More often than not, pre-made landing pages and other creatives are easy to modify. Designers typically make it so that all you have to do is insert your affiliate link and your good to go. If the landing page has a section for unique text or selling points, more often than not it’s simply a matter of putting your text in. Usually, after these quick edits you can save the page and upload it and it’s ready to send traffic to.

By going outside the norm and using landing pages or banners that you create yourself or purchase, will give your traffic something new and something they haven’t seen before which increases curiosity and click through rates.

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