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There are so many different ways to con people through the internet. However when you are considering dating and how to avoid online dating scams there are two common scams that you need to be aware of as well as some simple steps that you can take to avoid them. When you first search out on the world wide web it might be an intriguing way for you to meet the person of your dreams. The following are the top two online dating scams and some simple things that you can do to avoid them.

Online Dating Scam # 1 –

Overall there are many people out there using the internet to top up online portray themselves as someone other than who they really are. This could be as simple as lying about their height or weight or something more serious like pretending to be single and available when they were really married. Sometimes these are simple white lies made to make you think more highly of them when other times these are a scam in order to get someone to trust them where they are able to take advantage of them. There are also those people out there that might be emotionally unstable. Some of the following steps could help you to avoid all potential problems that could arise from any of the above. One is that you can set up an anonymous email on a free server for you to use while you get to know people on online dating sites. This can allow you to conceal all of your personal infor mation.

Do not give out a home phone number as this is a potential way for someone to get your address. Although addresses can be found from traditional cell phones this is not as common. However you can also get a disposable cell phone if needed in order to be able to conceal all possible information. Driving yourself to a date will also help as you will not be giving out your address or any personal information. Further you can also be ready to pay half of the bill and not expect things this early in a relationship of this type.

Online Dating Scam #2 –

Another problem that might occur when you are looking to try dating someone online is that the person might be married and simply looking for some type of relationship on the side. This is actually quite a bit more common than you might have thought and some actually estimate it to be as much as one third of all men who are online are actually married as there were no estimations for women. Although it might be nearly impossible to figure out whether or not someone is married when you are talking to them online there are four possible ways of telling this information that you might want to consider.

(1) When someone is trying to avoid getting caught while being married they often have a dark photograph on their profile and use these photographs as it makes it harder to see who they are and what they are interested in finding. The goal would be that you would not be able to pick them out in a crowd and those that they know them would not recognize them. (2) Another odd sign would be if your online companion wanted your phone number but would not give a phone number in return. (3) Your date might choose to call you either at very regular and set times or at odd and irregular times. And (4) if you are becoming close and sharing things about yourself you might expect your date to do the same. If he/she is married they are going to avoid giving out their last name and will not be likely to share information about their family.

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