What is the Best Hair Straightener?

Many women today want to have straight hair. Blame it on those fashion models that grace women’s magazines, advertisements on TV and on the internet. The urge of women to get straighter hair is just so strong these days that even those already blessed with straight hair still want to achieve straighter locks.

So what are the options available to people who desire to have straight hair? There are many actually, you just need to pick one that will suit you best.

Flat iron. It used to be that blowers were the only tool women can use to style their hair. Thanks in large part to advances in technology, more products have been invented to achieve this goal. The flat iron is just one of them. Being a flat iron, this product helps in removing the curls or frizz from your hair.

Ceramic technology is what many flat iron manufacturers best hair tools prefer to use nowadays. Flat irons that feature this normally command a high price but their performance in straightening the hair is worth every cent you pay. What makes ceramic very useful in this product is that it create high heat easily which makes hair straightening a breeze.

A highly recommended brand is the Chi flat iron which uses the CHI 44 ceramic technology. It has various plate sizes and other great features to straighten hair of any style and texture. This lightweight flat iron from Farouk is a top selling brand today and stands out because of its 10-foot swivel cord.
The Sedu ionic flat iron is another famous hair straightener on the market today. This product preferred by leading hair stylists utilizes ceramic/tourmaline plates that straighten the hair without damaging it. Its edge is the less time it takes to reach the desired temperature at only 25 seconds compared to the other irons that can take up to a minute.
The Solia tourmaline ceramic ion hair straightener has a unique dynamic alignment system. This makes the hair come in proper contact with the plates to achieve a genuine silky straight hair. With its gentle infrared heat and extra negative ions, curls and frizz are taken away easily.
InStyler rotating iron. This is one of the latest unique hair straightening products to hit the market. Unlike the flat iron, this one has a rotating heated cylinder that does the work of polishing and straightening hair. Additionally, its uniqueness lies in its brush which features four rows of bristles that separates the hair strands to prevent tangles. This product boasts of using only gentle heat and therefore won’t burn your hair as you’re styling it.

Hair rebonding. This is a popular treatment for hair straightening. It uses a chemical in creating a cream softener or relaxant to achieve not only straight but shiny hair as well. The process, which changes the hair’s natural structure, should only be done by a professional hair stylist. Depending on the rate of your hair growth, touch up is required at least every three or six months.

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