Gig Masters

GigMasters Inc. is an occasion administrations booking platform.[1][2] Its settle is in South Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.[3] GigMasters matches performers with organizers of weddings, moves, parties, celebrations, festivities, and corporate events. marketplace


GigMasters was established in 1997 by business visionaries Michael Caldwell and Kevin Kinyon who were based close to New York. The organization dispatched the principal rendition of its site in February 1997. In September 2010, GigMasters brought $200,000 up in development financing from speculator James Marciano.[citation needed]

In 2013, about portion of the organization’s appointments were wedding-related.[7] In November 2013, the organization brought $1.3 million up in arrangement A subsidizing by XO Group, parent organization of[8] Kristin Savilia, XO Group’s Executive Vice President, joined GigMasters’ leading body of directors.[9]

In September 2014, Inc. Magazine positioned GigMasters as one of the country’s 5000 quickest developing private companies.[10]

In October, 2015, the Caldwell and Kinyon, makers of GigMasters, sold the organization for $8.5 million to XO Group.[11]


GigMasters sorts passages by instrument and by occasion or administration type.[12] Musicians make profiles and depict their services.[13][14] Potential clients can enter their area and quest for the administration they need.[15]


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