Where Can I Download Movies? Here Are A Few Tips

When you ask the question, “where can I download movies?” you need to weigh up three things: what is the customer service like, how easy is the site to use, and how big and varied is their selection. The competitive nature of movie download sites is such that it can be very confusing for the beginner. It’s not so much, “where can I download movies” as “which site should I use to download movies from”. Here are a few things to look out for…

1. Look for unlimited download access, especially to new movies. If you also have access to music, games and software, then that’s a bonus too.

2. Does the site have a step-by-step tutorial? Most of the good ones do, and it will cut down on the learning curve, but it’s not essential.

3. Can you search for movies before committing yourself to a membership? This is definitely a plus point.

4. Does the site have free CD and DVD recording and burning software available? Many do have this, and it can be a very useful feature if you don’t already have this.


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