Destiny or Free Will?

On the surface, it does seem like we make decisions and choices out of our own free will. But when we dig deeper, we realize that given the circumstances we make the only choice we possibly can based on our programming. For instance, you need to choose between two jobs. The interviewer at the first one squinted unpleasantly and reminded you of your father who used to beat you up. You didn’t even notice that consciously but your subconscious already made a decision to keep you away from this job. Now you are consciously stacking up pros and cos to have something tangible to justify your decision, all the way not even realizing that the decision has been made. In the end, of course you “choose” the second job after having experienced quite a bit of worry, fear of making a mistake and indecision. It looks like you made the choosing out of your own free will, but did you really? And if not, if you were always going to end up with the second job, were the sleepless nights prior worth it?

Granted, the above scenario is not the only way we make decisions. Here is another one. Consider a young man who is dating a few women and settles for the obviously “wrong” choice. “Is he blind?” asks everyone. “Why leave the sweet girl for that bitch?” But why not? What choice did he have really? Assuming we all come here with a script, there are certain things we not only cannot avoid but we must experience in order to learn, grow and evolve. So we “make choice” to support us on that journey. In reality, we don’t have a say as to what is going to happen, especially when it comes to experiences that are going to challenge us to rise to higher levels of consciousness (whether we do or not is a different matter). It is as if we are watching a movie where we play the main part. The movie has already been shot but we are yet to extract the morale of the story. We can’t change the script. But we can keep reminding ourselves that we are observers; we can step back, gain perspective and learn from our own experiences projected on the screen.

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