Affiliate Marketing and Delivering Bonuses

Bonuses are practically mandatory for internet marketing these days. Pretty much any offer includes several bonuses thrown in. These are usually e-books or audio MP3’s or sometimes they are divided into “modules” that the merchant will offer for purchasing the product.

But as an affiliate marketer, you can also offer bonuses before the customer even gets to the merchant’s sales page.

First and foremost is offering something to entice the visitor to sign up for your newsletter. This is usually an e-book or a short video that offers information on the niche you are promoting. When the customer enters their information, they are directed to a Thank You page where they can immediately download the offered bonus.

Another option would be to include the bonus in a follow-up email. From the email, the customer will find the link to download the bonus. It’s even a good idea to include in that first email additional bonuses that the customer was not told he would be receiving. This will add tremendous value to you, since you are giving more than you promised.

It is also an effective marketing tool to offer a bonus that is actually valued at a higher price than the actual product they will be purchasing. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a bonus worth $197 when they purchase a product that is priced at $47? By offering such an attractive bonus, you can significantly increase the conversion rate.


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