Oliver Darcy Senior Media Reporter and Ashley Fantz Senior Investigative Reporter

Oliver Darcy is a senior media reporter for CNN, covering the intersection of media, politics, and technology. He regularly appears on CNN and CNN International to offer reporting and on-air analysis of current events. Darcy also regularly guest writes the acclaimed Reliable Sources newsletter, which covers the daily breaking news from the media beat, six days a week. anchors

Darcy’s award-winning reporting focuses largely on right-wing media and the role it plays in politics writ large. He also regularly covers misinformation and conspiracy theories and how both have thrived in the Trump-era. Darcy has broken a number of stories on his beat, and is one of the leading national reporters covering media.

Prior to CNN, Darcy was the politics editor for Business Insider where he covered national politics during the 2016 election and oversaw a team of reporters. He was previously deputy managing editor of TheBlaze.

A first-generation Persian-American, Darcy was born in Washington State. He graduated with a degree in political science from the University of California, Merced. Darcy currently resides in New York City.

Ashley Fantz has revealed a scope of prominent stories for CNN. Her 2018 examination “Devastated” – which won an Eppy grant and was assigned for an Emmy – uncovered that many law implementation offices the country over have pulverized assault packs – numerous never tried for DNA – in unsolved cases. In any event 400 cases, indictments actually might have been made. The story caused change: a few police offices quit pulverizing assault units, dispatched inward surveys and reexamined their analytical practices. Motivated by the story, a Georgia official drafted enactment, which became law, ordering the protection of assault units. A main non-benefit that advocates for sexual savagery survivors made model enactment empowering similar activity in different states.

Following that examination, Fantz went to Asheville, N.C., to uncover a tale about a long-term good cause pioneer’s criminal accusation including a sex wrongdoing perpetrated against an adolescent young lady. The survivor, presently 47, revealed to her story unexpectedly to CNN. Those disclosures – and Ashley’s giving an account of the foundation chief’s questionable honors – at last prompted the man leaving the cause and different associations stripping him of a few distinctions.

Her interactive media examination “The Uncounted” uncovered that military relatives are submitting and mulling over self destruction similarly as administration individuals and veterans are ending their own lives. The story demonstrated the military’s inability to follow relative suicides.

Prior to joining CNN, Fantz was an overall task journalist with the Miami Herald covering the state’s youngster government assistance framework and the criminal equity beat. She moved on from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.

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